How can I get free banner space?

Non-commercial initiatives in support of the gay or wider LGBT+ community often can’t afford online advertisement. To help them reach their audience, we can grant free banner space to:

  • non-commercial gay and/or LGBT+ organizations and initiatives that promote equality, health, culture, sport or other community building activities;
  • universities and/or other renowned research institutions that do research/surveys to the benefit of health and rights of the gay and/or wider LGBT+ community. This research has to be conducted on at least a greater regional scale, but preferably on a national or international scale.

We reserve the right to decline a banner request for any reason, including:

  • the research or survey is too small-scale, too local and/or conducted within the context of an individual study or thesis;
  • the activity is set up for crowd funding purposes only;
  • the activity or content is overtly political or religious.

Please note, we only provide banners directly to organizers of LGBT+ initiatives or LGBT+ community organizations. Do you know of an LGBT+ initiative? If so, please inform them about our free banner service by sending them this link: